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The online presence of a merchant’s business starts with their website. At Shopify, we understand how a great theme can affect the livelihood of our merchants. Whether it’s helping one of our 200,000 merchants, or being a resource for the developers and designers who make themes, a Shopify Theme Specialist is here to create and cultivate beautiful eCommerce for everyone.

As a Theme Specialist you will be a part of a multi-disciplinary team that focuses on many aspects related to Shopify themes. We are looking for individuals who can use their communication and technical skills to support our merchants, maintain the themes we create, and curate third-party themes submitted to our theme store. Our team adapts to anything that is thrown their way, and we are constantly collaborating to solve issues that affect themes.

This is an entirely remote position, so you will be working from home. You will need a DSL or Cable internet connection. Non standard (9-5) hours with weekend work may also be required.

You'll need to:

  • Know HTML5 and CSS3 like the back of your hand
  • Have Working knowledge of jQuery (i.e.: do you understand what $(“.hello”).text("text”); does?)
  • Have experience creating/modifying themes or web templates (e.g.: Wordpress, Tumblr, SMARTYPHP)
  • Have customer service experience. This could be anything from working with clients on large scale design projects, or a retail job at Old navy

It'd be great if you have:

  • Knowledge of version control systems like Git or SVN
  • Familiarity with the Liquid templating language
  • Experience using CSS preprocessors (e.g.: SCSS, LESS) and/or build tools (e.g.: Grunt, Gulp)

You'll be working on things like:

  • Helping merchants customize their website
  • Working with the Shopify themes team to fix and update our Shopify themes
  • Reviewing themes that have been submitted to the Shopify Theme Store
  • Develop ways to better equip our support teams for any theme related questions
  • Improve documentation to reduce theme related support debt

Here's how to apply:

Working at Shopify is unique, and we’d like our application process to reflect that! If you want to be the next Shopify Theme Specialist, complete one of the following three tasks and include it with your application. You should also address your application to Kota.

1. Create a Shopify development store and install one of our free themes. Modify that free theme to do something the theme doesn’t normally do (e.g.: Show a picture when certain options are selected, change the layout of the product page).

2. Find an online store with a unique feature or functionality and explain how you could implement that into a Shopify theme. Be specific with how your code would work and how Shopify’s theme framework is built into it (pseudo code is fine).

3. Create a one-page, responsive, website that sells yourself and your skills to Shopify. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your technical skills in whatever way you choose, so make sure to include examples of your HTML/CSS/jQuery abilities.

Experience comes in many forms, many skills are transferable, and passion goes a long way. If your background is thisclose to what we’re looking for, please consider applying, even if you aren’t able to check every box above. We are dedicated to diversity and providing an inclusive workplace for all and especially encourage members of underrepresented groups to apply.

Posted: Jan 30, 2016
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